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A short and sweet roundup for this week:

Taking supplemental folate during pregnancy has long been recommended as folate plays a critical role in the formation of the spine as a fetus develops. A recent article from Johns Hopkins raises concerns about folate being linked to an increased risk for autism. Read here why, at this point, such findings are extremely premature and that nothing has changed in regards to recommendations for folate intake during pregnancy.

Stillbirths are an overlooked health problem

In the United States, stillbirths are relatively common, with an estimated 24,000 per year. The US has made few meaningful attempts to address stillbirth, while other countries, such as Iceland, are doing a far better job of unraveling its causes.

Using Harry Potter to discuss genetics with children. Now that’s bloody brilliant!

Information on genetics is not intuitive and questions about various topics are common. Check out some questions from the general public that were answered by genetic counseling experts from the National Society of Genetic Counselors as part of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything series. Still have questions? Ask a Recombine genetic counselor in the comments!


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