Sara’s Advice For New Moms


Earlier this week we introduced you to Sara, Product Manager at Recombine who is a new mom! Sara answered some questions about her new journey here. The last question we had for her was:

What are your top three pieces of advice for someone thinking about pregnancy?

  1. Try to get rid of any expectations of what it will be like to get or to be pregnant. Everyone is completely different and (so I’ve heard) every pregnancy will be different. I definitely struggled with this for the first few months of my pregnancy, but letting go has helped me enjoy my pregnancy so much more!
  2. Do what makes you comfortable. In the world of Google and WebMD, you can find 10 different (and contradicting) answers to your pregnancy questions. At the end of the day, you have to do what is right for you and your situation.
  3. Stay hydrated and active! Not that this should be different from non-pregnancy life, but on days when I am getting plenty of water and when I am working out on a regular basis, I feel so much better. I changed my workout routine to all prenatal yoga, which has been so great for me. Any activity, even walking around the block during work, will keep you and your nugget healthy and feeling good!

Awesome tips, Sara!


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Stephany Foster is the Associate Scientific Writer at Recombine, a genetic testing company based in New York City. She writes on topics spanning fertility, reproductive medicine, and recent advances in genomics. Stephany also writes about recently published research that Recombine presents at conferences and meetings around the globe. Before joining Recombine, Stephany interned at the George Church Lab at Harvard Medical School. She graduated from Brown University with an A.B. in Biology in 2014.