What is Carrier Screening?


Genes are the reason you look like your parents.

You are a unique combination of your mother and father’s genes, some of which you can see– like the color of your eyes- and others which you can’t. While some genes work to bring you eye color, others ensure that your heart, lungs, and other organs are working properly.

Your genes encode the instructions for all parts of your body to grow and function. Changes in your genes can mess with those instructions and often lead to genetic disease.

Carrier screening allows you to learn about what changes you carry in your genes and what risk you and your partner have of passing those mutations on to a future baby. Whether you’re thinking about starting a family now or in the future, learning about your genes can help you make decisions about your health and that of your future family. Carrier screening can even be a part of the egg freezing process.

Watch Greg, one of our certified genetic counselors, explain what genetic carrier screening is in this neat video:



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