Resolve Advocacy Day


The National Infertility Association, Resolve, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting reproductive health and advocating for men and women struggling with infertility. Resolve offers educational resources, support groups, and events across the US.

Resolve Advocacy Day is an annual event in Washington, DC which brings together members of the infertility community to voice their needs to congressional representatives. Resolve organizes appointments with US Senate or House members and provides training for attendees, ensuring they are best prepared to educate officials about infertility. Advocates are then ready to discuss topics like infertility coverage, adoption, and achieving equal access to all family building options.

This year, Resolve leaders and advocates focused their efforts on three main messages:

Support our Veterans who want to build their family.

Infertility is a public health issue that needs your attention.

Support and strengthen the Adoption Tax Credit so more people can afford to build their family through adoption.

Brian and Allison from the Recombine team were honored to be present at Advocacy Day this year supporting the infertility community!

If you could not attend Advocacy Day there are many other ways to get involved, starting with The Center for Infertility Justice. Volunteer, be an advocate, and help make a difference in the lives of those with infertility!



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