Tina’s Advice For New Moms


Earlier this week, Tina, our Director of Operations, revealed what she was most looking forward to as a new mom.

We had one more question for her:

What are your top three pieces of advice for someone thinking about pregnancy?

  1. Drink Water- Sounds so trivial but for me water is my pregnancy elixir.  I see and feel a huge difference in my body when I’m not drinking enough water. It means regular trips to the bathroom but it’s a small price to pay.
  2. Beware of unsolicited advice- your round belly seems to be an open invitation for anyone and everyone to give you their opinion about being pregnant and raising a child. Take it in stride and remember my third piece of advice……
  3. Listen to your instincts- pregnancy means being inundated with tons of information about what’s normal and not normal and what you can and can’t do. Navigating this is enough to make even a sane person crazy. Listen to yourself and trust that you know what the best decisions are for yourself and your family.

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